Wooden Building Blocks Large Rainbow

Wooden Building Blocks Large Rainbow shape sorter - Loose parts

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Which colour is the prettiest? This robust wooden rainbow comes with a white wooden ball and is the perfect companion for infants. The wooden arch in rainbow colours are versatile and can be sorted, built up, and stacked. A motor skills arch as a real all-rounder.

Can you put them together in the correct order? This brightly coloured half-circle made of stable wood is an easy introduction into the world of motor skills. With its water-based and saliva-proof paints, it offers not only a chance to learn colours and shapes, but also spatial awareness, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination in young children. A great learning toy for home.

- Premium Quality
- Item Type: Wooden Puzzle Toy
- Category Type: Motor Skills and Learning
- Category Sub-Type: Motor Skills Toys
- Designed for Young Children
- Develops: Motor Skills, Spatial Awareness, Dexterity and Hand-eye Coordination
- Item Notes: Play & Learn, Water-Based and Saliva-Proof Paints, Learn Colours, Learn Shapes
- Material: 100% Wood
- Contents: 5 Parts
- Gender: Kid, Unisex
- Colour: Multi-colour

Dimensions: 26 x 5 x 13 cm

Recommended Age: 12mths+