Sluban Firefighters Fire Brigade Headquarters building bricks playset

Sluban Firefighters Fire Brigade Station Headquarters Building Bricks playset

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Sluban Firefighters Fire Brigade Headquarters building bricks playset 612 pieces

Learning and play become one! 

Educational games for little explorers!

 This Sluban fire station toy features a 3-level lookout tower and a large garage with an opening door and a landing pad.

Take on land, air and water missions with the included off-road fire vehicle, water scooter and helicopter. Kids can fire water elements with the stud shooters and bring adventures to life with imagination. 

The Fire Station toy includes a fire chief and 5 firefighter minifigures.

Sluban is a new toy brand that deals with prefabricated bricks and is compatible with other well-known brands in the same category.

Made of high-quality plastic, and bright details will attract the attention of the child, it is enough to show imagination and you can build a lot of interesting things. Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking.

These assorted building bricks  are compatible with all major brands!


Benefits of Playing with building bricks and blocks

Improve Focus and Concentration

Increase Spatial Awareness

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Encourage Lateral Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Inspire Experimentation and Adventure

 Teach Organization Skills and Patience

Better Communication and Teamwork

Recommended Age: 6yrs  - 12 years