Clementoni Mechanics Lab - Antarctic Exploration

Clementoni Mechanics Lab - Antarctic Exploration Vehicles Building Set

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  •  An incredible scientific kit to embark on a journey of discovery of Antarctica and break the ice with mechanics and engineering!
  •  With 350 components, the child can build 20 models of vehicles for exploring Antarctica, including the lorry, snowplough, tractor, hovercraft and many more.
  •  The lorry has a tractor and a pivoted trailer, a tower with orientable crane, a rack-and-pinion steering system and an adjustable front blade... for incredible adventures in the ice!
  •  The incredible Mechanics Laboratory app, with its 3D interactive instructions, makes building the models easy and fun.
  •  The illustrated manual guides the child in building the models, introducing them to the basics of physics, engineering and mechanics.
  • Inspired by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) methodology, this mechanics kit helps to develop manual skills, intelligence and creativity. Made in Italy.
  • Age : 8years +

Children can build 50 models thanks to more than 350 interchangeable components: 20 models and 30 technical applications to be assembled by following the printed manual, the online manual downloadable from the website or through the app. By downloading the free app for smartphones and tablets, the various models can be assembled in an easy and fun way by following the 3D instructions, viewing the animations and simulating the construction of the models. App compatible with Android and Apple, not compatible with Windows operating systems.

The game starts with the completion of the technical applications, which are small preparatory models for understanding the basics of block mechanics and for learning how to assemble the more complex models. Lots of components are included in the kit, such as the steering control mechanism, the right-angle gearbox, differential and steering skis.

With this construction kit you can build a cargo aeroplane, a snow buggy, an Antarctic base, a container lorry, the hovercraft, a snowplough, and Antarctic lorry and many more. Lots of Arctic vehicle models to be assembled for honing manual skills and logical abilities.