White unicorn with sparkle rainbow teddy

White Unicorn with Sparkle Rainbow Pads

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White Unicorn with Sparkle Rainbow Pads, 

Little one’s will love cuddling up with rainbow unicorn. Her rainbow colour mane, glittery rainbow colours of pink, purple, blue  yellow, green hooves, unicorn horn  & fluffy rainbow coloured tail complete her look.

Unicorn is looking for a new home.

For the little kings and queens of tomorrow, the sweet unicorn  is probably the perfect gift idea. An ideal companion through your child's imaginative adventures.  The plush unicorn is the perfect size to cuddle, make it wide in bed and go on a trip with his new family. If the plush unicorn gets dirty during the wild adventures with your little treasure, it can be cleaned  in the washing machine and dryer. They will make any child's eyes sparkle with this gift. This unicorn should not be missing 

Size 36" long

Soft toys can give a sense of reassurance and familiarity. They are also able to help babies, toddlers, young children & adults to self-soothe. If they are presented with stressful situations, a teddy by their side can help them seek comfort and create the illusion that they are with a loved one.