Sluban Girls Dream: building bricks Playhouse pink

Sluban Girls Dream: building bricks Playhouse pink

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Sluban Girls Dream: Playhouse pink  brick playset 896 pieces.

Looking for a glamorous gift to impress a creative kid? The Girls Dream pink play house building set will surprise and delight from the moment they step through its door. This beautiful 2-floors dolls house toy is filled with creative details to keep little builders entertained with hours of real-world play.

There’s lot to explore, from the bedroom, bathroom, soda room, kitchen, art room, work office and a family room, & dining area.  The set also comes with 7 mini dolls, 2 cats, motorbike & lawnmower.

Included seasonal accessories give an added dimension to the play. As the seasons change, kids can dress their model in the creative kit, keeping the play fresh.

The palm  trees & roof flowers add colour to this playset. 

This super cool playhouse wants everyone anyway. Put the house together and play with your friends!

Benefits of Playing with building bricks and blocks

Improve Focus and Concentration

Increase Spatial Awareness

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Encourage Lateral Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Inspire Experimentation and Adventure

Teach Organization Skills and Patience

Better Communication and Teamwork


Recommended Age: 6-12yrs