sluban garbage truck brick building playset 432 pieces

Sluban Garbage Truck brick building playset

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Sluban Garbage Truck  brick building playset 432 pieces


Take away the rubbish trash with the Garbage Truck.
The workers are busy collecting the trash.  Wheel the bins onto the side loader, empty the trash into the recyclable waste, harmful waste, kitchen waste, and non recyclable waste and take it away to the dump.

Includes extra parts eg. Frying pan, light bulb, expired food, can, waste batteries, cake, spectacles, toupee.

3 mini brick figurines. 

Accessories:  card sorting box, 100 cards, instruction booklet.

Rules: First of all, players mix up all the cards.

Players randomly pick up the cards & put them at the correct card sorting box.

After all the cards are classified, check with the instruction booklet.

Objective: Help kids develop environmental awareness and learn classifying the garbage rubbish since childhood.

This amazing garbage truck teaches you how to pick up the trash separately.

The set consists of 432 building blocks and 3 minifigures.

Benefits of Playing with building bricks and blocks

Improve Focus and Concentration

Increase Spatial Awareness

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Encourage Lateral Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Inspire Experimentation and Adventure

Teach Organization Skills and Patience

Better Communication and Teamwork