Sluban Construction Site brick building playset

Sluban Construction Site building bricks playset

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The Sluban "Building Engineering" 465 pcs

Looking for a special gift for kids who love construction vehicle toy sets? This  Heavy-Duty buildi g engineer toy brick playset has plenty of features for hours of creative play. Boys and girls aged 6 and up will enjoy an immersive challenge with this building set before exploring the digger toy’s realistic features.

Digging, driving, rotating; there’s so much to discover in this cool kids’ excavator toy. Check out the shovel that moves up and down, plus the movable arm, running belts and rotating body. There’s also a detailed cabin with a driver’s seat and control. 

With realistic mechanisms, these rewarding sets are a great way to introduce kids to the world of engineering.

Sluban Bricks securely attached to each other. Playing with the designer helps to develop the motor skills of fingers, attentiveness, perseverance, thinking and imagination.
Sluban's details and elements are fully compatible with Lego and many
others. The recommended age is 6-12 years.

Benefits of Playing with building bricks and blocks

Improve Focus and Concentration

Increase Spatial Awareness

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Encourage Lateral Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Inspire Experimentation and Adventure

Teach Organization Skills and Patience