Sacred heart picture

Sacred Heart Electric Altar Picture 10" x 12"

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Sacred Heart Electric Altar Picture

An Electric Altar supplied with a red bulb with crucifix inside , bulb holder, 3 meters of flex and a 3 amp fused plug.

Picture of the Sacred Heart.

  • size 10″ x 12″.
  •  plugin wall fittings

Size: 12 inch x 10 inch

Red crucifix bulb included

The practice of placing a picture of the Sacred Heart in a prominent place in the home with a little red lamp burning in front is a uniquely Irish tradition. It dates from 1873 when the Irish bishops consecrated the country to the Sacred Heart. Irish households were encouraged to consecrate their families to the Sacred Heart.

The Sacred Heart speaks to all people who are hurting and there was a real sense that homes and families were ‘protected’ by Jesus particularly in times of sorrow and trouble.