MICHELANGELO - SISTINE CHAPEL - 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Clementoni MICHELANGELO - SISTINE CHAPEL - 1000 PIECES jigsaw puzzle

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Full puzzle size: 69 x 50 cm

Challenging to do and awesome to have! Enjoy the complete grand view of the Sistine Chapel ceiling with this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Clementoni. The original is by Michelango and it was painted in the early 16th century. It is printed on anti-reflection paper.  The puzzle is a panoramic puzzle and measures approximately 38 1/2"x 13".

At the highest part of the ceiling, Michelangelo depicted nine scenes from Genesis, including "The Separation of Light From Darkness" at the altar end of the chapel to "The Drunkenness of Noah" at the other end. The most famous panels are "The Creation of Adam" and "The Fall of Man and the Expulsion from Paradise." Images of prophets and pagan sibyls surround the panels, and twisting (and originally controversial) male nudes decorate the corners.

This fresco depicts the second coming of Christ, who is judging all mankind. The blessed are on the right and heading to heaven, while the damned are on the left and being sent to hell and tortured by demons. Major Biblical and Catholic characters appear in the scene, including Eve and several saints.

Dedicated to the main museums and works of art in history these puzzles offer an original way to build your own private collection.

Challenging to do and awesome to have! 


Made in Italy. Designed and developed in Italy.

Target ages : 10-99years

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40 x 21 x 6