Clementoni KLIMT - THE KISS - 1000 PIECES jigsaw puzzle

Clementoni KLIMT - THE KISS - 1000 PIECES Jigsaw Puzzle

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Clementoni KLIMT - THE KISS - 1000 PIECES jigsaw puzzle

Full puzzle size: 69 x 50 cm

Klimt's The Kiss will satisfy your need for a challenge. The Kiss is a prime example of Klimt's 'Golden Phase', in which he began to feature especially sumptuous ornamentation on a regular basis in his paintings. The couple in this artwork represent the mystical union of spiritual and erotic love, and the connection of life and the universe.

Gustav Klimt depicts the couple locked in an intimate embrace against a gold, flat background. The two figures are situated at the edge of a patch of flowery meadow that ends under the woman's exposed feet. The man wears a robe printed with geometric patterns and subtle swirls. He wears a crown of vines while the woman wears a crown of flowers. She is shown in a flowing dress with floral patterns. The man's face is not shown to the audience and instead, his face is bent downward to press a kiss to the woman's cheek, and his hands are cradling the woman's face. Her eyes are closed, with one arm wrapped around the man's neck, the other resting gently on his hand, and her face is upturned to receive the man's kiss.

Dedicated to the main museums and works of art in history these puzzles offer an original way to build your own private collection


Made in Italy

Designed and developed in Italy.

Target ages : 14-99years

Box size (LxPxA)
28.1 x 37 x 5.8