Celtic Wood Carvings 4 x 6" Frame

Celtic Wood Carvings 4 x 6" Frame

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Celtic Wood Carvings 4 x 6" frame

Islandcraft's beautiful frames designs come from the wealth
of inspiration from Ireland's riches; from the great pre-
christian stone structions at Newgrange and their intriguing
stone carvins, to the ruins of 12th century Norman castles,
to the 8th century Book of Kells in Trinity College, Dublin,
with its fascinatingly detailed illuminations and interlacing.

This intricately hand-carved wooden frame holds a 4 x 6" photo with carved doors.  This shows the craft persons skill in the delicately interlacing lines.

Ideal gift for any occasion and much loved by our loved family & friends living aboard, a little piece of Ireland sitting in the home.

Designed in Galway, Ireland

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