baby girl teddy bear

Baby girl cutie cuddly teddy bear with pink star

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Baby girl cutie teddy bear with star - Pink,  30 cm

  • You never forget your first teddy bear
  • Teddy features safe, soft embroidered eyes and arms holding pink star on soft printed star material and matching night cap & soft foot pads that provides additional tactile play sensation
  • Made from high-quality, huggable plush material for a lifetime of hugs and play
  • Teddy is surface-washable only
  • Ideal present or gift for newborn baby girl

This beige cuddly teddy bear is ready to be kissed, hugged and cuddled and hopefully cherished forever.

 Soft toys can give babies a sense of reassurance and familiarity. They are also able to help babies, toddlers, young children & adults to self-soothe. If they are presented with stressful situations, a teddy by their side can help them seek comfort and create the illusion that they are with a loved one.

Huggable soft toy.