power tracks - action science, coding & circuit building

Power Tracks

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Power Tracks

AGE 3-6, 7-9

Power Tracks helps stimulate curious minds and teaches elements of STEM with Volty – the friendly programmable robot! Kids can take their first steps into coding and the exciting world of programming and circuit building.

Connect the large tabletop tiles to make 1 of 20 circuits, or design your own. Use the direction of the buttons to program Volty with commands to guide around the circuit. Discover Volty’s many hidden features as Volty travels over special tiles.

Can you make it all the way back to the start? Don’t worry if you make a mistake, it’s all part of the learning fun; just re-code Volty and try again.


Volty the robot (requires 3 x AAA batteries – not supplied)
24 double-sided circuit tiles
10 double-circuit diagrams
40 command cards