Falcon jumbo 1000pce puzzle granny's sewing room

Falcon – Granny’s Sewing Room 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Falcon – Granny’s Sewing Room (1000 piece)
Gather around the fire and spend the afternoon attempting to piece together the Falcon, Granny's Sewing Room Jigsaw! Grandmother and daughter are sewing together, the grandson is flipping through a book, the dog is lazing next to the warm fireplace and the cat is playing with some yarn. Enjoy recreating this charming scene and while away the hours with this magnificent 1,000 piece puzzle.
Product information
  • Age: 12+
  • Number of pieces: 1000
  • Article number: 11273
  • EAN code: 8710126112731
  • Weight: 810 g
  • Box dimensions: 37x27x7